Jillian Huntley

Dr Jillian Huntley is an ARC DECRA Fellow based in the Griffith Centre for Social and Cultural Research, and an Associate of the Australian Research Centre for Human Evolution. She specialises in the physicochemical characterisation of ochres (mineral pigments), rock art and shelter/cave environments. Her research interests include the materiality of rock art and ochre, the origins of human behavioural complexity (image making and pigment use), the taphonomy of rockshelter/cave environments, and the movement of goods and ideas via trade and exchange.

Her current program is funded by the National Scientific Foundation of America and the Australian Research Council. Her research has taken place across rugged sandstone escarpments of the Cape York Peninsula, the Kimberley, Sydney Basin and Arnhem Land; the BIF gorges of the central Pilbara; the limestone caves of Island Southeast Asia; and the remote islands of Eastern Torres Strait.