Rebekah Kurpiel

Rebekah is the Director of La Trobe Archaeology Research Partnerships and a Lecturer at La Trobe University. Much of her research focuses on lithic technology, which includes investigating the ways tools were made and used as well as the properties and origin of the materials they were made from. Rebekah is especially interested in understanding past trade and transport patterns and in developing methods and methodologies for sourcing stone artefacts to investigate this.

Rebekah has experience in undertaking trace element analysis (ICP-MS and pXRF), mineralogical analysis (XRD) and Pb isotope geochemistry to determine where artefacts originated. She is also interested in how scientific techniques can be employed to produce better outcomes in the context of cultural heritage/resource management and works closely with Aboriginal communities and industry partners in Australia who share this interest.

Rebekah has active research projects in Australia and South Africa, including work funded by the Australian Research Council. Rebekah is also a member of the Society for Archaeological Sciences and is their Inter-Organization Delegate to ARCAS.