AAA Abstracts Open for ARCAS Session

Dear ARCAS colleagues,

You are invited to submit an abstract for the Archaeological Science Insights into Contact and Interaction: ARCAS Network Session to be held at the AAA conference (Dec 7-9 December 2022).

Submissions for abstracts closes July 22, 2022. For abstract guidelines and protocols, please see AAA link.

Archaeological Science Insights into Contact and Interaction: The ARCAS Network Session Theme.

Archaeological Science is an expanding multidisciplinary field. Traditionally it has focused on the application of western research technologies and methodologies to better understand cultural landscapes and materials. Through the analysis of material culture, botanical, faunal and environmental material, we can gain important insights into human interactions, exchange networks and shared and enduring cultural traditions. Archaeological science investigations encompassing wide ranging explorations such as provenance studies, assessment of resource exploitation seasonality, advanced chronomtery and zooarchaeology among others, facilitates nuanced viewpoints to understand concepts of contact and interaction, addressing the conference theme ‘Contact: learning from entangled encounters’. This session, organised by the Australasian Research Cluster for Archaeological Science (ARCAS) network, invites papers from different archaeometric perspectives and across various temporal and spatial scales focusing on studies that explore the nature of contact and interaction in all its forms. We particularly welcome papers that focus on the role that archaeological science can play in helping to decolonise and indigenise research and help build capacity and self-determination for First Nations Communities.