Scientific Approaches to Investigating Change and Resilience: The ARCAS Network Session

Dates: 5-8 December 2023

Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

Scientific techniques and methodologies can play a crucial role in uncovering the dynamics of change and resilience, providing novel insights into the ways that people have adapted, innovated and survived. As a multidisciplinary area, archaeological science strives to combine cutting-edge technologies and traditional knowledges to arrive at in-depth understandings of the past. The Australasian Research Cluster for Archaeological Sciences (ARCAS) network invites papers that explore all aspects of change and resilience, and that incorporate scientific methods of investigation, such as archaeobotany, geochemistry, geophysics, geoarchaeology, isotope analysis, palaeomagnetism, traditional science, zooarchaeology, and more, to reveal the complex interactions and relationships between people, their environment, and material culture, and how they have adapted and endured over time.

This session encourages contributions that explore environmental and social adaptation, the transformation of cultural practices and technologies, and the endurance of cultural identities and practices throughout time. We particularly welcome papers that incorporate collaboration with First Nations communities, leading to deeper understandings of their history and promoting self-determination, and showcasing their resilience in the face of change. By integrating archaeological science with Indigenous perspectives, we endeavour to create a more complete and nuanced understanding of change and resilience. As we face the challenges of the modern world, the insights offered by archaeological science can support our journey towards a more sustainable and resilient future, drawing on the lessons of the past.

Rebekah Kurpiel, La Trobe University
Amy Prendergast, The University of Melbourne
Louise Shewan, The University of Melbourne