44th International Symposium on Archaeometry

27-31 MAY, 2024

Presented by Australasian Research Cluster for Archaeological Science (ARCAS) with the support of The Society for Archaeological Sciences (SAS)

The ISA showcases the latest in archaeological science technique development alongside a range of innovative and inspiring applications. All areas of science and all types of objects and materials, as well as all geographic areas and time periods, are topics of interest for this event. Multidisciplinary collaborations feature strongly at the ISA, therefore this represents a dedicated opportunity for practitioners in all sectors to establish research partnerships and connections with one another.

The International Symposium on Archaeometry promotes the development and use of scientific techniques to generate information about all aspects of the past. Although its foundations can be traced back to a geophysics event held in 1961, the biennial hosting of ISA in its current form has been shared between Europe and the Americas since the 1980s. In 2024, the ISA is coming to Australia for the first time!

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